GPU Mining for Altcoins at Home

Build a GPU Mining Rig and Mine Cryptocurrency from Your Home!

This is an example of a GPU Mining Rig that I built for a client. It has thirteen GPU’s. We upgraded the CPU to an Intel I3 and also used three 1600 Titanium power supply units. For thirteen GPU’s you could squeeze the rig down with lower power supplies, but I went with three 1600’s for future growth and flexibility when testing. I did not include the cutting board we used to mount the CPU to below, can you improvise? You could mount the CPU to a wood board and have the same results. This motherboard has the ability to use 19 GPU’s if you use eight mining rig cards, but we did not want to wait, so we went with the max of thirteen 1070 TI’s that windows allows. Both Asus and Windows have since created updates to add more cards. We also included a Flash Drive for testing with SimpleMining as an alternative for some altcoins. You can get away with a smaller drive. We choose the larger flash drive to use again with a future project.

13 GPU’s




3 PSU’s


Flash Drive


Power Supply Adapter

Electricity Usage Monitor


Shelf Liner

Thermal Compound Paste

Thermal Compound Paste Remover

Round Felt Pads

Nylon Round Spacer

Steel Sheet Metal Screw