Lending Cryptocurrency
High interest lending programs have been around for a long time. Now they have been showing up in the cryptoconcurrency world.

Super High Risk High Interest Lending Programs

COINREUM going to be the most popular company in the “SUPER HIGH RISK” of the high interest lending programs. Coinreum is the place I am lending the most at the present time. Coinreum is paying out 3.2% per day. The best part of this program is that you can compound the interest you earn and reinvest. I suggest starting with a minimum of 10 Litecoin. With a lending loan of 10 Litecoin you will be able to make a new reinvestment loan each day. Imagine how fast you turn 10 Litecoin into 100!



High Risk High Interest Lending Programs

Create an account on Bitconnect. You will be purchasing Bitcoin and depositing into Bitconnect once you open this account. I like the $1010 loan for beginners. With a loan of $1010 you will see results much faster than you will with a $100 loan. Plus you will get the bonus interest each day.