Lending Cryptocurrency for Profit with HYIP’s

High yield interest programs have been around for a long time. Now they have begun showing up in the cryptoconcurrency world. Some people love them while others hate them. Some are out right ponzi schemes!

High Yield Interest Programs for Lending Cryptocurrency = HYIP = High Risk!!!

Bitconnect is the program that most new cryptocurrency lenders get introduced to. Bitconnect is a good place to test out waters of daily interest compounding. We are fans of Bitconnect.

Create an account on Bitconnect. You will be purchasing Bitcoin and depositing into Bitconnect once you open this account. I like the $1010 loan for beginners. With a loan of $1010 you will see results much faster than you will with a $100 loan. Plus you will get the bonus interest each day. The strategy I see most common and the one I personally use is the 90-60 program. Reinvest all of your profits every day for the first 90 days. Then after the 90 days are up you take the profits off of the platform for the next 60 days. This is a good time to diversify your portfolio even more by using the funds to participate on other platforms. Once the 60 days are up you can begin building the stockpiles again for the next 90 days. Most double their money in the first 90 to 100 days in Bitconnect!